Saturday, August 30, 2008


Kayleen and I had taken quite a few pictures that we meant to blog about, well some of them I took to blog about, not Kayleen. Well, we didn't have internet when we arrived here for almost a week because our modem broke during the move. I think that was about the only thing that broke, so that made it a pretty successful move.

We were visiting my dad for the weekend, my mom didn't want to see us so she left the house while we were there. Kayleen was grabbing something out of our toiletry bag and nicked the heck out of her finger.

This is actually taken a few days later. It looks worse than it felt. Kayleen said it actually didn't feel any pain at this point.
This is after we had cleaned it up.
Here I am looking onto the sacred field where warriors do battle. Unfortunately it looks like we will loose more games than win this year.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One down! 200,000 to go!

Since my wife has already blogged about our great adventure into the great unknown, I decided to blog about a problem I finally solved with my monopoly game. (Note, I only solved one of my many many problems I will have to solve.)

I was assigned to write a monopoly program and use a SQL database in the solution. Well, the important thing of this assignment was to not have a working game, but to write all of the documentation and to have a good amount of work be put into the game. Well one of the problems I ran into was deleting players from the game at the conclusion of a game. I would have to go in and manually delete them after each game. This was not a viable option if I ever wanted to produce this game. But after many many MANY hours I finnaly figured it out.

Now, just some background information, I have an SQL database called PlayerData where I store all the player's data in the game. The primary key in the database is TurnNum. Each player is assigned a TurnNum of their turn in the game. This may cause a problem in the game later. If player 1 goes bankrupt, then he should leave the game. I'll have to decide later on what I'll do then, either delete player 1 and reassign the player numbers or automatically skip players who have gone bankrupt. But anyways, I finally figured out how to delete the players from the PlayerData database. SqlDataSource1 connects to the PlayerData database.

SqlDataSource1.DeleteCommand = "DELETE FROM [PlayerData] WHERE [TurnNum]='1'";

So, what it does is change the SQL delete command from "DELETE FROM [PlayerData] WHERE [TurnNum]=@TurnNum" and assigns it to delete player one in the game.

This whole thing was rather frustrating to figure out, but that is the headache of computer programming. I thought I could just use the SqlDataSource1.Dispose() function, but the failed to do anything.

Oh, and just to close this blog, I would like to make sure you all know that I am NOT a nerd!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And it's a...

**********SPOILER ALERT*************
If you don't want to know what we are having, don't read this entry

Well today was the big day! The first ultrasound! It was such an amazing experience to see our little child. The ultrasound technician was able to find the baby right away, I was thinking that she would have to hunt a little bit to get a good image but it was almost immediately that she was able to show us a good view of our precious little one. She then proceeded to get all of the shots that she needed for their tests, which we were happy to get to view, because we got to see some lovely shots of our child's face and cute profiles. (Although it looked like our child was sucking her thumb! That's right, for anyone who hasn't found out yet, we are going to have a little girl!) It was so amazing to see our precious little child and see her moving around. The image came in so clear that it was easy for us to tell what was what.

So here is our little girl! Now that we know, with 95% accuracy, what we are going to have, we are both really excited. I've know now that when I come home from work, that I'm coming home to my two girls. I also have someone else to talk to at home. She, our baby, was there before but it's hard to have a conversation with someone when someone in the room insists that you are wrong about the other person's gender. (Although I admit, Kayleen was right. I was saying it was going to be a boy. But partly that was just what I was hoping for, but I think I knew that it was going to be a girl. Partly it was a gut feeling and also I kept hearing Carrie Underwood's song "All American Girl." It was like that song was following me around!)

I think Kayleen and I have picked a first name, but Kayleen is not %100 on it quite yet. I really like the name and have been using it a lot since we found out it was a girl. I'm hoping that it grows on her.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lunch break

So I decided to write a quick little blurb during my lunch break today. Mostly because I was going to post last night but never got around to it. Some of the guys at work read this comic called xkcd and as I was looking at some of the comics I ran across this one.

Well, this got me to thinking. Our child is going to be due in February, so there is a chance that it might be born on groundhogs day. I don't think momma will find it very funny if our kid plays this joke on us.

This one is for the nerds out there. (of which, I am NOT one)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I promise! I'm not a nerd!!!

Ok, this is bad, but for the second day in a row, I'm going to talk about something nerdy. This is a game guy at work told me about. It's a pretty fun physics puzzle game where you get a ball or block from one square to another only using some gears and branches and these water power things. You'll have to check it out for your self. It's called fantastic contraptions and this is one of my designs to solve one of the levels. I like it because you at first think that some of the balls I used in it are extra, but in the end I need all three of them to solve the level. (Here is a screen shot for the lazy. Also, I think this post needed a picture.)

Also, the results of the poll are in and it decidedly spoke in favor of my brother to start blogging. Unfortunately my brother doesn't care what the results are. He decided that the results were bogus and so he doesn't need to listen to the results. If you would like to, you can leave a comment for him since he does read this blog, and tell him yourself that he should get a blog. Or I could post his email and let you email yourself. I think I'll wait on the posting of the email address.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Really funny!!!!

This is a you tube video a guy at work sent out. It's really funny.

This is starting to scare me because I seem to be finding so many nerdy things either funny or cool. I was also going to talk about the web site the same guy showed me earlier call fantastic contraptions. I think I will talk about it in a later post. But I'm leery to do so because it will make me look like a nerd, and as all of my friends I quite aware, I am NOT a nerd! Oh well, watch and enjoy.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

So yesterday at work I had to go to my mandatory daily meeting to report on the progress I had made the day before. It's kind of hard to do when I don't know exactly what the part of my project is supposed to do exactly. Well, these meeting are usually not that exciting but after yesterdays meeting one of my co-workers offered two mariner tickets to who ever wanted them for $5 bucks a pop! I hadn't been to a mariner game in quite some time so I said I could take them on the condition that Kayleen would want to go. (See, I thought about her health! If you were to read her blog you wouldn't think so. I called her up and asked. I didn't force her. In fact I also let us leave before the game was over even though we were only down by 2 runs! And Raul Ibanez had just hit a game winning homerun the night before! Oh well.) Well Kayleen did say that she would want to go. (Probably because she said she wanted to take me to a game for my birthday.) Since we got the tickets so cheap we decided to splurge on parking and got a great parking spot almost right across from the stadium. It did cost $15 but with tickets our night out was only $25. Not a bad deal for a professional sporting event. Even though we lost, it was still a lot of fun.

Here we are at the game. I had a nicer picture to post but somebody stole it and posted it before I could. I'm not going to say who that somebody was though, just because I'm a nice guy.

The Seattle Skyline before the star of the game. At least part of it.

Beltre fouling off a pitch.

Here comes the next pitch to him...

Looks like the pitcher doesn't like it when you don't put the ball into play. I don't think Beltre fouled off another pitch.

And finally here is Wladmire hitting a single. Earlier in the game he hit a two run homerun to give us the lead. Silva promptly gave up 4 runs the next inning. We never recoered and lost. I was forced to start drinking to console myself after such a hard loss.

Oh yeah, it was also Yuniesky bobble head night last night. That was a very pleasent surprise. I couldn't believe it, Kayleen almost refust hers! I quickly told her to take one and that if she still didn't want it that I would take it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Posting just to post

Well, I don't really have a lot to say (and before you ask "Why post at all", I just want to say I don't care! I'm posting because I feel like it, so there!) which actually brings me to something I do want to say. Kind of funny how that works. Well, one of the downsides to having your wife blog while you too are keeping up, or at least trying to keep up a blog, is that she is liable to steal stories from you. I was going to post some pictures from seafair, but she got to it before I did. Oh well, I'm going to post some of the other shots I got.

Here is everyone clambering onto the bridge to see the show!

Some members of our group wanted to sit and wait for the show.

Don't we live in a great country!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy anniversary!

This is going to be a short post because it is really late, but I just wanted to wish my wife a happy anniversary! Today marks the 2nd year anniversary of our very first date! I love you Kayleen.

I may post pictures from seafair later, that is if my darling wife doesn't beat me to it. But here is one picture of us at seafair with the Blue Angels in the background.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm not a geek!

I am very adamant that I'm not a geek, but I still find some nerdy things kind of funny. So here is a poster of some gang signs. I'm not sure but I think ther number of gang signs will increase at my job.