Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby coming soon!

We have been waiting for this baby to come now for two weeks now, well really for almost 39 weeks now but I say 2 weeks because that is when the doctor said that it was going to be any day now. It's been a little annoying because we have panicked a little bit and hurried to make sure that we were completely ready for little Lou. Now that we are, we are just laying back and waiting for Lou to decide that it's the right time to come on out. One thing that we did to get ready was getting phone numbers of people to call to let them know that Lou has been born. One way that we may decide to save money is to make collect calls like this one:

Except we would of course change it to "Mike wehadababyitsagirl"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The wife asked

Kayleen is trying to get people to write down 20 random things about themselves on their blogs. Since she asked nicely, I decided I would grant her request.

  1. I am very competitive. So competitive that I plan on not just putting down 20 random things but insteed I will try to get 40 really random things.
  2. I can sometimes get obsessed with rodents. Mostly squirrels. That's because I think squirrels are rodents with excellent PR.
  3. I have a twin. This isn't really unknown fact but it is a fact non the less.
  4. I had a paper route when I was younger. Well, I never officially had the route, it was always in my sister's name.
  5. I have been to Canada. I would write something interesting about Canada now, but the truth is that there is very little that is interesting about Canada.
  6. I was homeschooled for most of my schooling.
  7. I know the lyrics to many many Irish drinking songs. This talent has proved to be very useful now that I am of drinking age and can get into the local Irish pubs. I know most of the Irish drinking songs that the local bands are singing.
  8. I cannot see dead people. After seeing the Sixth Sense, I have found it necessary to make sure that people know that I do not posses this skill. Most people were not interested to learn this fact about me. I hope you appreciated it.
  9. I own a very shinny black button up shirt. I don't wear it very often, sometimes it's because Kayleen wont let me be me, but mostly because the shirt makes me look very metro sexual.
  10. At times, I can be very sarcastic. Kayleen is always afraid of things that I put on my blog because she is afraid that if her friends read it that they will not understand that I am joking. (For example, I am not allowed to say that I plan on sedating our kids if they start getting too hyper. In all likelihood I will not be allowed to go through with such plans, I still like to keep them as possibilities.)
  11. I never dated until I was in college. I have heard the number of guys that Kayleen dated and I told her that it isn't fair that she dated so many more people than me and that I should be able to go on a few dates to even it out, but she does not seem to like this idea at all.
  12. I have only been married once in my entire life. Umm... I know this is a cheap one to put in here but I'm only up to 12 and I'm running out of random facts.
  13. I have a social security number and it is ###-##-####.
  14. I am through the first season and half of the second season of Heroes and I am not entirely impressed with it. The story is kind of catchy but the acting is not so great and some of the stories don't make sense to me.
  15. I have learned TOO MUCH about the birthing process. I am going to scar my brother by telling him everything that goes on.
  16. I have been electrocuted by an electric fence for a dairy farm. (Thanks Pat. It was all your fault!)
  17. My brother tells me "IHY" all the time. (I believe "IHY" mean "I Heart You." Yes, I know. My brother can be a sweetie sometimes.)
  18. I know how to country swing dance.
  19. I know how to do the local dance of a country that I have roots to.
  20. I know how to mix concrete.
  21. I buried a deadman. (Note that a deadman is a land anchor. A family friend of ours that we worked for had us put in a concrete anchor to keep his generator from sliding down the side of his house. It's just a fun term to use though and it makes me sound creepy when I tell people that when working for a friend of ours that we buried a deadman.)
  22. We were not fed strawberries and cream when we worked for this family friend of ours. My brother and I had very different experiences when we worked for this friend of ours. When they worked, they got to take a break and eat strawberries and cream. My brother and I on the other hand got to use stuff that said "Highly toxic! Burn clothes if contents come in contact with clothing. Pray to God if injested, inhaled, or comes in contact with skin." Good times, good times.
  23. I posted more random facts on my blog than my wife did. Well, I'm at 23 so I have officially posted more facts. I just have another 17 to go.
  24. I've never had a body part if mine pierced.
  25. I've never dyed my hair.
  26. My favorite alcoholic beverage is probably a gin and tonic.
  27. I have thrown up in a car or bus 3 times. All due to car sickness. Actually, all of the cars I did throw up in were really just small buses. They were large vans.
  28. I have never played in a professianl sports league. I have been tempted but I can't leave my wife at home by herself. That is one of the only reasons why I have not gone into professinal sports.
  29. I am not a nerd, even though many of my friends insist that I am. I guess it shows how much my friends really know me.
  30. I know how to solve the rubix cube. The 3x3 that is. I've heard that the 2x2 and the 4x4 are actually harder than the 3x3. (This fact does not make me a nerd. It just happened to be the next thing I could think of.)
  31. I used to be able to bench more than my body weight. That was when I took a class at BCC that required me to go to the gym.
  32. I was in Civil Air Patrol in my younger days. Then the wing became corrupt and I had to get out. That or I had scheduling conflicts and could no longer go.
  33. My favortie animal growing up were bears. Patially because my brother would sing me to sleep with "Go to sleep, Michael Bear, so I can shave off your hair..." in tune with the lullaby song.
  34. In highschool, my favorite time period in history was the civil war. My favorite historical movie was Gettysburg.
  35. My favorite movie from the 1980's was Short Circut II. You go Johnny 5!
  36. I have never killed anyone.
  37. I never commited gand larsony.
  38. I never framed my brother for fraud. Even though he may have deserved it.
  39. I have wasted peoples valuable time by creating long a silly lists.
  40. I may have made my wife sorry that she asked me to write a list of 20 random things.

There, 40 items! I hope you appreciate all my hard work and time. Also, I hope I get a job soon so I have a better way to use my time.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

All quiet on the Western front

Kayleen still has not gone into labor yet. It's a little frustrating just because the doctor made it sound like there was a good chance we would have the baby over the weekend so Kayleen and I have been ready to leave at a moments notice to run to the hospital. Well, over the weekend all Kayleen had were those Braxton-Hicks contractions. Then we were sure it would happen in the beginning of the week but we ended up being wrong. Now we are going into our scheduled doctor's appointment. Kayleen was 2cm dilated last time, we are hoping we don't get stuck at the hospital because Kayleen is too dilated.

Also, today is E's birthday, happy birthday E!

Also, today is the anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade decision. This is the day that Pro-Lifers march on the capitol for the rights of the unborn. Recently I have been looking up videos about FOCA, freedom of choice agreement bill, and so I have been looking at the arguments made by the so called "pro-choicers." I get tired of their arguments because if you take a little time to think about them, they are lies. (Also, in case you don't know about FOCA, it's a bill that would lift pretty much every restriction on abortion in every state. I'm surprised that such a bill could abolish a states own rights, it doesn't seem like such a bill is something the founding fathers wanted when they started this country.)

1) "Don't like abortion? Don't have one!"
I have seen several cars with this bumper sticker and this is just an absurd statement. If they think about why people are against abortion, they will realize it's because people believe that the child in the mother is alive and an abortion is murdering that child. So therefore they are saying that we should just ignore the murder of millions of victims that cannot speak for themselves.

2) "Keep you laws off my body!"
This one I was just thinking about recently and now I want to know how people can claim that something that may not have the same blood type and that doesn't have the same DNA as the mother can still be called part of the same body? Looking at it from the fathers perspective I was thinking about how the baby is a little bit of the mommy and a little bit of the daddy. Any woman that days it's still just their body is lying because they are writing off the father completely. In my experience, anti-abortion demonstrations are places where men's voices are not as respected or cared for. I was in a college club at WSU and there were some people who wanted to have an anti-abortion demenstration but the idea was turned down because most of the people in the club were guys and it was decided that abortion was a woman's issue.

3) The coat hanger.
Women will hold posters picturing a coat hanger saying that they don't think it's right that a woman should risk her life to have an abortion. That if it become illegal for abortions then you will still have abortions going on, but many women will die trying to perform this evil act on themselves or in a back ally abortion clinic. To me this is the same as saying that murders need to be protected when they are trying to commit murder.

4) The "pot calling the kettle black" argument.
Some pro-choice supporters (Actually, I'm going to start refering as pro-abortion because I think that people should choose whether they have a child, but once that baby is conceived, that choice has been made.) say "How can you claim to be for life with babies but support death with the death penalty? Therefore you are hipocrits and your voice doesn't count." Well, that last part I added in, but that is the point of their argument it seems. Well, first of all, a lot of people that are pro life, are not supporters of the death penalty. Also, those that do support the death penalty don't support the death of random people but people that have done horrible things that they are deemed a danger to society. It seems like here the pro abortion people are just trying to say that pro-lifers can't claim to have the moral high ground here and they are trying to drag pro-lifers down and claim that they are at the same level.

And to end my post, here is a Glenn McCoy Comic:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Now we can have the baby

Kayleen and I are finally settled into our place and Kayleen feels like we can have the baby now. I in the other hand was not ready until Lou had some home made hats. Luckily we got these hats made, Kayleen added the pink ribbon to the blue hat to make it more girly. These hats were made on Kayleen's new loom set that I bought her for Christmas, so I guess I kind of had a part in making them.

Also, I thought I would post these videos of the GI Joe public service announcements. At the end of every GI Joe cartoon they would have a public service announcement telling kids to not take medicine without their parents knowledge and not getting into cars with strangers and other things like that. Well, some guys recut these endings and re-dubbed them and came up with some very interesting clips. (Just a warning, these is some swearing and also, if you are not interested in silly internet videos then you would probably not be interested in these videos.)

And here is part two:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beware! Nesting woman!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to get in trouble with my blog post title, but Kayleen and I went to the doctor's today for her weekly checkup and we were told that Kayleen is more than likely going to deliver early, in fact she said any day now! We finished moving everything into our new apartment today, but we still need to unpack and finish setting up for Lou. This has sent Kayleen into uber nesting mode. As Kayleen's friends know, she usually goes to bed pretty early but tonight she had lots of energy and is panicking a little bit hoping that everything is ready when Lou comes.

Tonight Lou was kicking a lot. Kayleen thinks it's because she is getting tired of being cooped up in for so long and that she is anxious to get out. It was pretty amazing though to see her kick because you didn't need to feel for her kicks, but you could see her foot pressing through and you could almost grab her foot too. (Which reminds me a story my Aunt Jan told us about when she was pregnant and her baby pushed their foot out so much that she was actually able to hold onto their foot.) I pressed back (don't worry, I didn't push very hard) on Lou's foot. I wonder what she was thinking, if she would think that it is someone else. I know babies hear voices and can recognize their mother's voice after they are born, but do they realize that there are people out there? I've heard that is takes a while for babies to even become self aware, so I'm not sure. I wonder if Lou put any thought into the pressure she felt as she tried to stretch mommy's tummy into odd shapes.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting ready for baby

I should probably start this posting wishing my sister a happy birthday. Happy Birthday Katie! Hope you have a great day!

I can't believe it's the middle of January already! It seems like B-day, birth-day, is approaching at a million miles an hour. (Not sure if that makes sense, but it approaching very quickly. I hope this clarification makes you happy Pat.) Kayleen has been somewhat in nesting I guess, but she is frustrated that she can't really prepare properly because we have not yet moved into out apartment yet, we are sort of in apartment limbo right now waiting for our place to get cleaned up and some minor remodeling finished up.

Well, I started writing this post while I was getting my oil changed but when I got back, I put off finishing the post and now it's Wednesday and we have started moving into our new place. Kayleen is excited and is very happy with the new apartment. (It would be impossible not to be pleased with it, it's one of the best apartments in the building.) But the nice thing is that we will have a room with all of Lou's stuff. We are pretty much all prepared for her now, we just bought a little sleeper so that Lou is safe while she sleeps with us on the bed. (Below is a picture of the sleeper, although it doesn't come with a baby like the picture on the box says. But it does come with a little nightlight which I'm sure will come in handy for Kayleen for midnight feedings.)
This was one of our few costs that we had, our families and friends have been very supportive and have bought us pretty much everything that we needed. (Thanks mom and dad for the stroller and the car seat, and thanks to my in-laws for the clothes, mattress, humidifier and something that Kayleen says that I'm not allowed to mention.) Now that we have all of the stuff, Kayleen and I are finishing up on studying on child birth and things that would be good for us to know when Lou is born. One thing that I never thought about was that this Sunday Kayleen could have Lou and she wouldn't be a preemie. So far there are no signs that Kayleen is going to go into labor tonight (but now Murphy's law says that she will.) it didn't help when Kayleen had us watch a video about the final months of pregnancy and one of the women in the documentary went into labor at 37 weeks with her first baby.

It will be nice tomorrow to be finally settled into our new place. I am so excited for the arrival of Lou. The whole pregnancy has gone by so quickly, it seems like it was just last week that we found out that we were going to have a baby and now we are going to be able to meet our baby girl for the first time face to face.

To finish off this post, here is a picture of the Puget Sound.