Saturday, June 28, 2008

Puzzle update

So I've been working on the Empire State building 3-D puzzle and I'm surprised that I've been making some good progress. I've sort of become obsessed with this thing and am spending a lot of time to finish it. I've fond that he best way to assemble the puzzle is to work on everything in sections and then figure out how to arrange the sections. (Again, to be nerdy, it's sort of a recursive way to solve it. Assemble pieces to form bigger puzzle pieces and then put those pieces together. Sorry for the nerdy tid bits.) I'm thinking that I should be able to have it finished in a week, way less then the 100 days I had originally allotted myself. I should reward myself for being so far ahead of schedule, but I don't know what with yet.

Large panels of the puzzle.

On the pregnancy front, I am proud to say that I am already learning some things about pregnant women. For example, if you are going to ask them what they want to eat, NEVER SUGGEST THINGS!!! If you say the wrong food, your pregnant wife may become nauseous! Also, don't ask them what they want to eat for a future meal. With Kayleen, her morning sickness is so touchy that she just plans on her meal by what her body feels like at that time. It's impossible for her to know to far into the future. I would report on things I have learned about mood swings but Kayleen doesn't have any of those yet. (*in a whisper* Or maybe she does but I'm just to afraid of getting hit that I am going to leave it out for now. Only the bruising on my body will tell I guess.) Again, I was thinking of posting a picture of Kayleen but the picture I took was soon after she had thrown up and so she does not like the picture at ALL! So to avoid a beating, I mean to respect her wishes, I'm not posting it.

And the last thing I was going to mention was just a few notes about our apartment we are living in. It's a nice little place but I already know that I do not want to move back into these apartments after my last semester at WSU. For one thing, they have moved all of the trash bins to the front entrance and replaced them with a trash compacter. What makes this so frustrating is that the apartments are on a hill and the trash compacter is on the top of this hill and we are on the bottom. Since I would probably receive a lot of back lash from my blogging audience if I made a pregnant woman take out the trash, I have to walk up the hill to take out one lousy bag of trash. The other reason I wouldn't want to live here is because of the kids around here. They scare me. Especially this one boy I heard out my window today. There was a few kids, around 4 or 5 years old and one of the boys didn't want this one boy to hang out with him and another boy, so to get him away, he made this awful grunting sound. Well, to say it was grunting is putting it lightly, it was very weird and kind of scary. I could have taken a video so you could have heard it but for some reason taking a video of some kid I don't even know just sounds very wrong to me. Ok, well I should be hitting the hay now.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A posting I ment to post a while ago and now I forgot what I was going to lable it.

// Just to get a little nerdy on you, when you want to make a comment in a program (well
//of course it depends on the computer language, but that isn't too important.) you make a
// double slash. Of course that just comments that one line, hence I had to do it for every line.
// But I thought I had posted this blog alreasy, oh well. Here it is now.

When my wife,Kayleen, and I first found out that we were going to have a little bundle of joy we were ecstatic to say the least. Kayleen was really jumping up and down (even ran into the bedroom and jumped on the bed.) But with this great discovery came another discovery, that it appears that the women in Kayleen's family get morning sickness that is rather debilitating, and it isn't going to be skipping a generation. Luckily last week Kayleen had the week off last week and she was planning on working on thank you cards for everybody that gave us wedding gifts, but instead she was trying to understand her stomach's very sensitive diet. This week she began nannying for some families and she still is trying to figure out how to appease her stomach so that she is not throwing up. Luckily she has been fine at work but when she gets home she has had to throw up. There hasn't been a day that she hasn't thrown up. Not since around fathers day that is. I feel so bad, I try to help but I think all I do is either annoy her by asking her so many questions when she is just tired and wants to think of something else or I annoy her by making her think of food when that is the last thing she wants to think about. Hopefully you'll pray for her and that her morning sickness is alleviated. She is definately in pain, and we aren't sure what to do because it seems that eating will make her throw up and even sometimes not eating makes her throw up.

I was thinking of posting a picture of Kayleen but not only are our camera batteries dead, but I don't think she would like any picture taken of her today. (She's picky like that. If she doesn't think she looks perfect, she doesn't like having her picture taken.)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Puzzle Impossible

Here is the beautiful birthday girl

I should probably get the most important thing over with, and that is wishing my wife a very happy golden birthday! The good news or us was that the birthday girl felt good for most of the day but now she doesn't and is laying down. I even made cake for her and now I'm going to have to eat it all by myself. Well, maybe not. Since it s her cake I should probably wait for her so she can have a few bites.

As for the puzzle impossible, Kayleen and I bought a 3D puzzle of the Empire State Building. After we got it home and began sorting the puzzle we realized that we had just paid good money on something that was going to be very frustrating, more than it's going to be fun. The good news is that we made a decent attempt at it today and we are actually starting to make some progress. Since we don't have to build a foundation and with 101 floors, if we continue with one story a day, we will have this thing done in 101 days. (That was some hard math.) Well, compared to the actual construction of the building, it's pretty good. I mean, the guys that constructed it didn't have to sort through almost 1000 pieces to find two that go together. Plus there were more than two people working on it. My wife is helping but she keeps flaking out on me claiming that her morning sickness is acting up. (I don't think any women who read this blog like me at all. My choice I guess is to stop with my comments and have my wife be mad at me for trying to get women to not hate my blog or I could continue the comments and have my wife be mad at me for claiming she's faking it. It's a lose-lose situation. Not very uncommon for husbands.) Although, I think I am starting to obsess about it more so it may not take that many day to complete it.

Here is the puzzl all laid out

Here is the base done and the first floor laid out on the box

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ratted out!

Well I've been ratted out boys. I actually didn't tell my wife that I've started a blog and she found it! Well it was my own dumb mistake. I made a comment on her blog and I accidentally signed it with my blog name. I've been trying to convince her that this is some other guys blog that just has a lot of similarities between our life's, but it hasn't been working. Oh well.

Back to the real reason I wanted to write in my blog today. I didn't want to go on forever and write a freakin ( sorry about my language) novel in my last post so I thought I would stretch it out over a few entries instead. So anyways, you people out in blog land may be wondering why I chose the name "picky bear" for my blog name. Well when I was a wee lad around the age of early teenish, I was in D.C. with some of my family. My older brother was graduating and he took us to an Asian restaurant. It was one of those places where they make the food right in front of you but I don't think it was a Beni Hannas (Not sure on spelling, but too lazy to check it.). Well if you know me, the first thing you would probably say to describe me would be "Picky eater." Yeah yeah yeah... I know. Ok, I feel the shame of it. And yes, I know that by revealing this to you that my readership will take a hard hit by I think you all deserve the truth. Anyway, back to the story. When I looked at the menu I didn't see anything that I wanted to try, so I just asked for some steamed rice. The waited thought this was very strange and kept trying to get me to order something but I had to tell him that I was kind of picky. Well after out meal we talked to our waiter a bit more and found out that he had just moved to the US recently from South Korea. ( The good Korea) Since he didn't know many people in the area he asked for our emails so he had people to write to. I gave him mine and is was "michaelbear..." He thought this was a very funny name and later he actually did write us some emails and in his email he didn't call me "michaelbear" but "Picky bear." I guess I'm being a bit of a masochist for using this name but it's still a funny story so there you go.

Next time I hope to post some pictures but I can't think of any to post here. Sorry. (Also, I don't like the little emodicons so don't expect me to do any! EVER!!! Well, maybe not ever, but I'm not doing a little sad face here.)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A little nervous

Well this is my first blog entry. I hope you like it, who ever you are. If you are some creepy blog lurker, like my wife is, then I guess I will give a little shout out to you. Hey! Ok, lets get this show on the road. (I've decided to add my own little sub comments in these green sections. You may skip them if you feel like it because they are just my own little sub thought and tend to be more little tangents then useful information.)

Ok, so yes, I have a wife. You may not be amazed by that statement if you do not know me but if I were to tell you that in person you would be shocked. (This is what I thrive on, putting a target on my back so that other people can make fun of me.) No, it is not because I am horrendously looking, but rather that I don't look very old. Throughout my life people thought I was several years younger than I actually was. I worked at a grocery store and one of the managers was afraid of giving me too many hours because she thought I was under 18 (I was 19) and she didn't want to break the law by having me work more than 20 hours in a school week.

Ok, thanks a lot for getting me distracted! (I guess that is one thing that you will notice about me is that I tend to blame other people for things that they really didn't do. My advice: get used to it.) As I was saying before, yes, I'm married. Believe me though, this marriage thing has been great! I am so happy and I know I am with the only person I want to spend the rest of my life with! (Her and the kids that we have too.) I'll get back to the kids comment in a bit. Married life has been great though. Just coming from college life, the greatest thing in married life are the three square meals a day! When I was in school I skipped meals often because it was either go make something and eat, go spend money and get fast food, or lay about and do nother (or study because I had waited to do some assignment.) Needless to say I chose the not eating option many times and was left kind of a skinny fellow. (Oh yeah, in case you guys in internet land are wondering, yes I am a guy. And I said guys because most people that use the internet are guys, although I think most people the read blogs are girls though. Oh well.) Also, I am working full time right now and it is so comforting to have some one to come home to and give you a kiss and a hug and to make you fell relaxed. Guys try to run from marriage, but I don't know what they are running from. (Ok, I do know, but come on! You guys are going to get caught by some gal with beautiful eyes anyways. It will be like deer in headlights, he wont even know what hit em.)

The other great thing about marriage are kids. My wife and I have only been married for a little over a month but we have already been blessed with a child. My wife is expecting and so I guess I'll be able to privide you, the creepy internet stalker, pregnency from a guys perspective. I bet your excited! Don't worry, since I'll be telling guys I know about this site, I wont say anything gross about the stuff that girls should only know about. (Like their monthly visiter.) Also, I might mention stuff about my life. Hopefully it wore bore you too much. Alright then, peace out and A-town and all.