Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Auntie Kelly!

Hey Auntie Kelly, Happy Birthday from your first niece!

Also, Happy Birthday T.

May God grant you many happy years!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's get a little patriotic

Well, tax day has come and gone. Does anybody out there have any money left? Actually, we weren't hit too hard so I wonder if I have no right to be upset with all the government spending that's been going on? I didn't attend any of the tea-parties. I wanted to but I was busy. Well, if you haven't heard, CNN and MSNBC have been showing how professional they are while reporting on the demonstrations, as I'm sure you all have heard. In short, a CNN reporter used sexual innuendo in reference to the demonstrators and another CNN reporter griped about how pathetic the demonstrators were. It was very unbiased. Well, I was looking at some of these videos on youtube and I saw a link to the video of Red Skelton saying the pledge of allegence. I thought it was pretty good. So if you could remove your hats, stand up, and recite the pledge with Red.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol Hopes

I'll have to wait for next season of American Idol for a singer that will sing my kind of songs. Tonight on American Idol the theme was songs from movies. I sat through the whole show hoping that someone would pick the big song from "The Secret of My Success." But alas, no one attempted "Oh Yeah" by Yellow. Couldn't you imagine someone choosing it?

My brother has dreams of trying to get onto the American Idol by singing "The History of Rock and Roll part 2"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh no! Two losses

Well the mariners are back to the mariners of last year. They blew two games they could have won. One of them was on they should have one. They should have use Felix. After his first game he was projected to win us 162 games! That would have been awesome, although making the year a little anticlimactic.

Here are the season projections for King Felix after the mariners first game.

I don't have any pictures of Louisa to post. I guess I can just give a story from today. As a new dad, I find that babies are naturally very expressive. Louisa tells us a lot by crying, but you can also look into her eyes and you can tell when she is angry with you. Today we went grocery shopping and our goal was to shop while Louisa slept in her car seat with a blanket covering her. Well, this worked at our first stop but not so well at our second stop. Louisa started to cry and the only thing that would calm her down was to be swung in her car seat. Every time I tried to stop she would start to cry again. A few times I would peek in on her, she would be staring strait ahead and had this look on her face. I could tell she was very upset that her nap was being interrupted. She seemed to be thinking "I'm going to make you bounce me in the car seat the whole time we are at the store for punishment for interrupting my nap!!!" I hope Louisa doesn't develop a rebellious teenage attitude before she turns 1.

Also, any prayers for my grandma would be appreciated. She is in the hospital right now.
This is Kayleen and me with my grandma during Thanksgiving break.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mariners win!

Well, Louisa enjoyed a bit of her first Mariner victory but was saddened to see that the Mariner's could have had Adam Jones still with in Seattle.
Adam is on pace to break so many major league records; most hits in a season, highest batting average, most triples, most RBI's. Oh well, at least we have Bedard. I'm betting he will have a break out year, probably have a 0.21 ERA with 28 wins. Also, Griffey is on pace to hit 161 HR's, smashing Barry Bonds old record. I'm hoping he can do it.

It's time for baseball!!!

It's time for baseball!!! Louisa does not have any Mariner gear so she will have to show her pride for her home town teams by wearing a Seahawk sleeper. Go M's!

Louisa figured she better start rooting for them now. Last season they ended up back somewhere around 39 games. Right now they are tied for the lead. Here's to hoping they don't drop too far from their current position.