Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Perfect Sunset

This week My wife and I went down to Oregon to see my grandma. After we had visited her we were headed to our car and this is what we saw.

The church in the center of the picture was the church my parents and my grandparents got married at.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last week I went to Boise to interview for a job. Unfortunately I didn't get it, Kayleen was pretty relieved about that, but on my way down to Boise I took some pictures of the sun rise. My flight left at 6:00, so I was able to see the sun just start to rise. It was pretty amazing.

It was cool how the clouds became a sea.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hiatus for a bit.

I've been busy as of late with a lot of homework beginning to be due now, so I'm not sure how regularly that I'll be able to post. I'll leave a quick post for today though. Yesterday we rented the movie "Little Shop of Horrors" because I had never seen it before. It was a musical made in the 80's with Rick Moranis (spelling?) and Steve Martin. It's a comedy and a very weird movie, but I enjoyed some of the songs, like this one sung by Steve Martin. (And his hair is BLACK!!! It's so weird to see him without his white hair.)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Guess what!

Guess who left someone home alone for the weekend? That's right, Kayleen has left me alone for the weekend. I'm still trying to think of what I should do. I guess if you want, you could leave a suggestion, mind you though, I don't have a car, so it should be something that does not require traveling. I was thinking I could:
  1. Start up that squirrel army. There are a lot of them out and about here.
  2. Run a marathon. It would get me out of the house, and help me get into shape.
  3. Clean the apartment. This is here just to show Kayleen that I was thinking about possibly doing it.
  4. Play video games. It will make the weekend fly right on by.
  5. Play a trick of the squirrels by reburying their food.
  6. Spend the weekend with the lights out, curtains closed and play very depressing music until Kayleen gets back. I may do that when she calls and just tell her that I've been depressed the whole time she was gone.
  7. Succeed from the U.S. It will ensure us that we won't live in a socialist government, but at the same time, we will be a very small country that wont be able to sustain ourselves. I'm thinking this idea shouldn't be too highly considered.
  8. Buy a badger for Kayleen. She was reading a book that talked about them and I think she was trying to hint that she wanted one.
  9. Buy a ferret and have it try to kill some frogs. That would be in memory of those classic Budweiser commercials. The ones where the frogs just say "bud", "wise" and "er."
  10. Listen to journey the whole weekend and see if I don't go insane. Speaking of journey, did anyone ever see this movie?
  11. Try to start a new trend here on campus. (I may need help with ideas here. Something like a new catch phrase or clothing trend would be good.)
  12. Write a list of ideas on my blog. This is so that I can say I did at least on item on my list.
  13. Get a job at Safeway so Kayleen and I can stay in P-town.
  14. Learn judo from Vladamir Putin.
  15. Rush the field regardless of whether the cougs win or not.
  16. Booby trap the apartment for any wet bandits.
I think I'll end with sixteen, it's a nice even number.

Well, I was watching this Mr. Bean clip that I remember watching many many years ago at my grandma's place and I was thinking to myself that it is probably a good thing that I'm not single. I was watching this and thinking that I very well could have turned into something like Mr. Bean. Scary, I know.

Well, probably not totally like him, but there were some parts in there that I may copy, like the counting sheep. I definitely would not use my toothbrush for the same thing that he does, that is one thing I can guarantee.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Election day is one day away! EEK! And a baby update!

I actually wrote everything after this paragraph first, but Kayleen started talking about the baby with one of her friends and I thought I would talk a bit about Louisa. Kayleen is excited that Louisa has been kicking more and more and also the kicks are getting stronger. Yesterday Louisa decided to get some exercise and was going crazy in there. The kicks were so strong that they were easy for me to see. I think she is trying to stretch Kayleen out a bit so that she has more room because she has been growing quite a bit now. Kayleen still refuses to either swallow a ball for Louisa to play with or to have a surgeon put on in Kayleen. Louisa must be so bored in there, I feel sorry for her. I try to talk to her, but not only are the conversations one sided, I have a feeling she has no idea what I'm talking about. I think Kayleen may like it better if she doesn't know what I'm talking about.

Tomorrow we get to find out, at least we should be able to find the results, of a multiple of important issues being decided. Obviously the biggest issue is the next president of the USA, but almost as important for us up in Washington is the issue of I-1000. But going back to the presidential election, this was just posted last Friday by a woman who was a democratic speech writer who is said to have written speeches for Barrack Hussein Obama and his wife Michelle as well as Hilary Clinton and John Edwards and John Kerry. But she has become with the whole democrat campaign and has defected the Obama campaign for the McCain campaign. She states that it was for a number of reasons but the biggest reason was the way it treated Hilary Clinton, Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber, people she thought the democrat party champiogned. If a speech writer for the democrat party is abondoning the Obama campaign, I wonder if there are many more?

Also, there is a video of Obama talking about McCain, and here he shows what a classy guy he (Obama) is.

And also, here is Obama earlier in the year talking about how he is going to tax the coal industry so much in order to get rid of the coal industry really.