Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Google says what?

I guess I should have clarified to google that I don't have an off road vehicle.

This is what it told be to do when I was asking for directions in Pullman. I was testing to see if it knew that a street went under main street, because on the map it didn't clearly show that the road does go under main street. Well, it wasn't clear because google doesn't recognize it as an underpass and if you are going to go onto main street from that road, google wants you to go through the bushes and up the steep hill.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wedding with a side trip

Congratulations to Steve and Mellisa! Kayleen and I went to their wedding and we are so happy for them.
Here is a picture of the happy couple.

Before we went to the wedding we went to E's family's cabin. It was a lot of fun! Kayleen and I went inner tubing on the lake. It was my first time so E was kind enough to not flip me into the lake. E and I also got to take a romantic row boat ride. It was great.
Here we are at the lake. My mom came too so that Kayleen and I would both be able to go on the boat at the same time.
Here Kayleen is on the inner tube, my mom took this picture. When I got on, the battery on the camera died and so there is no photographic proof that I went. You'll just have to take my word.
Not sure why the order went all kady-wampus (A cool phrase that I think has become severely under utilized.), but here is the fam at the lake.
Here is Matt and Pat at Steve and Mellisa's wedding. The flame here is supposed to represent their burning love or something of that sort. (If you look carefully you'll see Matt is holding a lit match. That is their eternal flame. I personally a candle would have worked better.)
I really like my mom's camera. It's a nikon D60 and it's so much fun to snap pictures away, and they usually come out really nicely.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Let's go to the zoo!

Today Kayleen and I went to the zoo with some friends. Thinking about it now, it has been over ten years since I've been to the zoo. In face, here is a picture from me last visit.
This was actually from the zoo in Washington D.C. If you look in the background you might see flying fruit because they were feeding the Brown Bear at the time. I had Pat take this picture of me because I had started using the nickname "michaelbear" and thought it would be cool to have a picture of me, Mike, with a bear.

Well, today's visit to the zoo didn't have any bears, but we did see some reindeer, otters, gibbons, elephants, sea lions (ugly sea cows), puffins (cute sea under-water birds), a tiger and a bunch of parakeets, which apparently are really budgies. The budgies were a lot of fun because they let anyone feed them (for a dollar). But it's pretty much the only thing they let you get right up to and touch, aside from the camel rides which were got to too late. (I'm not blaming anyone, just lamenting the fact that I couldn't ride around on a camel.) Kayleen was pretty nervous feeding them, it was pretty funny to watch, so much so that I thought others would enjoy seeing it too.

Here are some pictures from our day.

I can already tell that Louisa is a big flirt and that I'm going to have trouble with her and telling her no. I'll have to post the picture later, but now when she sees a camera she already knows to smile.
Here I am trying to feed a parakeet.
It was great how they let people feed them.

And here is Andrea holding Louisa for the first time.