Friday, July 24, 2009

Louisa's first solid food

Louisa is really growing up fast. Last week we gave Louisa her first meal of something other than mommy's milk. (Well, actually it was rice cereal made with mommy's milk.) She is getting used to the spoon, right now she still needs to open her mouth a little more. It seems like she gets more on her face and on the floor than she does in her mouth. But we know she is getting enough to eat because Louisa is finally gaining weight at a normal rate. She has been gaining about an ounce a day for this whole week! Lou is up to 13 lbs 14.5 ounces! We are hoping she moves above the 17 percentile in the weight department. I am missing having a light baby though. It seems like the difference between a 12 pound baby and a 13 pound baby is huge! It seemed like I could carry Louisa all day when she was 12 pounds and now at almost 14 she really puts wear on a person's back.

Busy week

I always seem to be making excuses as to why I haven't blogged. Really it's because I keep putting it off, but this week it seems that Louisa has been taking up all my time.

Louisa and I spent a lot of time saying lines from our favorite movies. Here she is doing the scream from Home Alone. (To be fair, Louisa was more acting our movies that I knew about and am assuming she will like one day. We have not been having her watch hours of tv everyday.)

Here I'm training Louisa to be a formidable xbox player. She really needs to practice more and spend less time eating the controller. I don't think xbox expected their controllers to need to be drool proof.Lastly we took photos to see what Louisa would look like with a huge body or what I would look like with a small head. Not really sure. I just know that it's weird.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Child Prodigy

I bought some blocks for Louisa today and look what she did with them!

I may have helped a little.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Vacation time!

These pictures are from our family vacation at the beginning of the the month. I'm just getting around to posting them.

Since Daddy is out of work, we decided that it was a good time to take a family vacation! Time for some fun in the sun!

We stopped by a river to eat lunch. Some kids were doing cannonballs into the water. I'm pretty sure they were crazy because the river is freshly melted glacial water and was freezing!

Every building in the town is built with this Bavarian style, even the gas stations, fast food places (Like McDonalds and Starbucks).

And here is the Starbucks we just had to visit.

The hotel had a putt putt course that they let guests use free.
Here we are on our drive up to the mountains.
Here is an overall view of the putt putt course. As you have probably noticed, these pictures are not in order. I'm not sure if blogspot sorts them for you when you upload them or what, but I could have sworn I uploaded them in the right order. I'll just blame blogspot. It's easier than admitting that it was my own fault.
And finally here is a family picture. Louisa was much happier than she looks in the picture. I promise.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm doing all I can

Kayleen likes donating as much of me as she can so yesterday I went and gave blood. (Not only because Kayleen wanted me to but the blood bank would not stop hounding me for my blood. I'm hoping it's because they could actually use it.)
Here is my precious blood going bye bye.

We also volunteered to clean church this week. At our church if you are strong enough to carry a duster, you are strong enough to work. We don't really care about child labor laws so we but Louisa to work dusting the church. She did an ok job for her age, but we are hoping she improves as she gets older.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Technical Help

Well I guess I need to be a little more careful on the tags I put on my blog. My last entry I put a tag saying "Job Search" and I think some guy did a web crawl for blogs with this in their tags and automatically posted to my blog. I thought the blogger server required people to enter in those messages to prevent people from doing something like that. Oh well.

Also, I saw this Dilbert comic and it used to make me want to get a job in technical support. I can safely say that after a job at Safeway and in my latest contract position, any such dreams have quickly died away.

Mostly they died away because I would never be able to give advice to people. I'm also afraid that I might tell people they have an ID-10T problem. A guy I worked with told me that tech support people would tell people they had an ID-10T problem for special cases. (Like not being able to find the "Any" key or needing help turning on their computer.) Well one guy lost his job after a he told a customer that she had this problem. She wrote down ID10T (Well, when she wrote it, it may have looked more like "IDIOT"), paused and then hung up and called again to talk to the guy's supervisor.

I'll throw in this Tech support cartoons as well.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Interesting video

This is an interesting video called "The Intellectually Honest Atheist." It shows that really an atheist cannot claim to have morals.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Unemployed again

Well I have finished up another temp job and I'm joining the ranks of the unemployed again. (It was my job that has been keeping me from blogging regularly, so now that I don't have a job I should be able to blog more.) I'm trying to weigh my options right now; should I get a job or should I just go get unemployment benefits? If I were to get a job then I would have to leave my wife and baby at home all day. Doesn't this seem wrong? That's why I'm leaning towards unemployment benefits. This would allow me to provide for my family and to be there all day for them. I have posed this solution to friends and made the suggestion that they skip the government and just give me directly instead of giving their money to the government and then the government giving it to me. I don't know why but no one seems to like this idea at all. I try to explain that I'll be getting their money either way, so why not take out the middle man? Oh well, maybe people out there will want to submit pledges to keep me from having to go to work. Or I can play the lotto and pray to God that I get the jackpot.

Sorry for no picture. I usually like to add one, or a youtube video, or something visual but alas, not today.