Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My wife, the celebrity

So for those who were not listening to EWTN radio today at 1:30, or to the encore show at 8:30, my wife was listening to EWTN and they were talking about valuing human life. I recorded her during the encore show. Sorry for the poor audio quality, it's from my phone and Josephine is talking in the background and Kayleen started making comments about her 15 minutes of fame. (Well this is just 5 minutes of it so far, so she still has 10 minutes.)

The caller after Kayleen mentioned a documentory called the Demographic Winter, which is about the decline of the human population and how it could be a bad thing for people especially when you have so many young people have to support so many older people. I looked at the trailers and it looks interesting but with 2 kids and the prospect of a house, (will talk about that in later posts), I don't think I can afford $20 on a DVD. I already checked and they don't have it on Netflix either. Come on!!

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