Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Table Update

So it's been a while since I've posted any news about the table I'm working on at my parents. With the rise in gas prices Kayleen and a minivan that is about 5 mpg (Okay, so it's not that bad but the gas mileage is worse than my little gray car.), we have found ourselves not wanting to drive as much. This and also the busyness of two kids and one child's demand to only sleep in familiar placed (i.e. only her crib and car seat and not in another person's bed or in the arms of mommy or daddy) has translated into fewer visits to family. Well last Sunday we went over and I got to spend some time even with my sister distracting me with a rebuttal documentary to the documentary "Super Size Me", called "Fat Head". I watched some of it but tried to save as much as I could to watch with Kayleen. What I saw was very interesting and definitely recommend it.

So with my sister's movie and my nephews to harass, I didn't get a whole lot done. What I did do was to route the edges of the apron of the table on my dad's new spiffy table router! After a few slightly promising practice cuts I moved on to the actual table and was pleasantly surprised when they came out looking great. I was using scrap wood for my practice cuts and with it being smaller and a softer wood, I found it harder than the actual cuts. Here is a picture of the apron:

What's left to do is to route the edge of the table top, stain it, poly-urethane it, glue it and screw it together than Louisa and Josie will have their very own table! Louisa is already very excited. Mommy and I will be able to have her sit at her own table for dinner and mommy and I will be able to have plates and glasses that we will not have to defend from a certain child who is to remain nameless.

Sorry if this post is randomly put together. I came in to write about the table and remembered the movie and needed to hurry to help Kayleen with the kids.

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