Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby pictures!!

Well, just thought I should make a blog post because if I don't do it, I'll just keep putting it off and then it will be 6 months will go by. Well, I was just thinking and I don't think I posted any pictures of Josephine on this blog! My wife has been stealing all the pictures! Luckily my iTouch takes decent pictures so I can use it and the pictures are safe from here stealing them and posting them on her blog. Well Kayleen woke up with the mother of all headaches on Sunday so I did something very foolish. I decided to take both girls with me to church by myself. Since Josie is still nursing I decided to go to the latin rite nearby. For the first half of mass I was in the church narthex begging Louisa to behave because she was very interested in wondering around. Well, luckily Kayleen's aunt and Uncle were there and I spotted them after the homily so I joined them for the rest of mass and things were so much better. Louisa wouldn't let her great aunt or uncle hold her but she behaved a lot better. It's funny how Louisa takes her time to warm up to people, especially at church. Every sunday she doesn't want to go see grandma or grandpa but when she visits them at their house she is so much friendlier. Maybe it's the suckers. Well, I only talked about Sunday because I took these pictures Sunday morning.
It may be early but it looks like these girls got the same nose.

Josie is such a smilely girl! It's funny but I could get the almost 4 month old to smile but the 2 year old, not so much.

As far as the table goes, I finishes the routing for the table top and stained it but keep forgetting to take picture of the stained parts. Oh well, at least it gives me a reason to blog about something in the future.

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