Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

Well lent is officially here. Actually for Eastern Rite Catholics, lent has been here since Monday. I went to a Roman mass today so I actually did get ashes so it kind of felt like a double dip, I got an anointing on Monday and then get the ashes today to give me strength for the fast, so I should have super strength to avoid candy and soda. Here I am at work with my ashes. My hair is so long that I don't think anybody noticed them. At least no one said anything.

Even before lent started I was starting to ween myself off soda mostly because I had finally succeeded in getting kayleen addicted to soda (Which she is very bitter about since I'm giving it up) and also it is probably healthier for me. I've done google searches to see what the con-soda people say and looked for anything the pro-soda say. Unfortunately it's sort of a one sided argument. I'm thinking it's a conspiracy against those who don't drink coffee and are looking for a way to get caffeine. I like mint tea but they all say de-caf.

Well, I'll end this post with a video. I had wished a friend a happy lent but just got a strange look and disapproving head shake, so to really lift spirits here is a clip from the movie Spinal Tap. Unfortunately I can't embed the video so just follow the link.


anne said...

Good for you, Mike! There are lots of teas out there that taste good AND have caffeine in them :) We'll figure that out for you this summer, hopefully!

Good luck, and Blessed Lent :)

Kayleen said...

Now now..I'm not actually addicted to soda. I just drink it a lot more than I ever have in my life. I only crave it after I've had like now I haven't had it for a few days so I'm not interested in it. But you are responsible for me drinking quite a lot of it in the last few years. I won't deny that its yummy but it should definitely be reserved for special occasions, only.