Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm making a table!

I'm home sick right now because Louisa, being th kind and sharing girl that she is, shared her cold with me. I know I can't be upset with her, this is just what happens with kids. I just to be less nerdy since some people think that a lot of the things I do are nerdy, I won't make a SQL table. Kayleen wanted a kids table that should look something like this when it is done:

Okay, maybe not. Maybe not even close. Kayleen wants a children's table and they are pretty pricey at the store so she asked if I would make one instead. I haven't done much wood working but I thought it would be fun. I'm working on it at my parents place with my dad and will post pictures of it's progression. It has been slow since I actually started it just before Josie was born and I haven't been able to get over to work on it much but last Saturday I finally finished the tenon and mortise joints. Now I just need to route the table edges, glue the joints, stain the wood and possible forgetting a couple other steps but shouldn't be too much longer.

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Kayleen said...

I don't believe we'd have room for a table that big, dear. I hope it's a little more toddler/child scale :)